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Blue Water Sailing

Don't miss this panel of experts with the latest information on cruising Cuba! 
Cheryl Barr, Don Barr, Nigel Calder, Bruce Kessler, and Major Weber in a panel discussion moderated by Scott Berg. Read More

Ocean Navigator

Read the article by SSCA Board Member Glenn Tuttle in the March-April, 2016 issue. The article is about the SSCA's Single Sideband (SSB) Voice Service on the HF radio.  Broadcasting from a tower in SW Florida, the station utilizes a rotatable directional beam antenna tuned for the 8 Mhz marine band, which will effectively reach the entire Caribbean and beyond.

The SSCA was awarded a Public Coast License by the FCC, call sign “KPK”, and is licensed to operate on a variety of 4, 6, 8, and 12 MHz frequencies.  Listen to Glenn at 1215 UTC (0715 EST) on frequency 8104. Relays are always welcome.

Read More

Caribbean Compass

SSCA Radio Station KPK
KPK is SSCA's SSB Voice Service on the HF Radio. You will find more about KPK and its Net Manager Glenn Tuttle HERE..

Tracking Sargassum Seaweed via Satellite -- And How Boaters Can Help
Joan Conover describes the threat that sargassum seaweed poses to marine resources, fisheries, shorelines, waterways, and tourism in this article.

Beyond Havana
Joan Conover describes her April, 2017, visit to unusual and fascinating Cuba, beyond Havana and Hemingway Marina. Read More

Cruising Puerto Rico's South Coast
Joan Conover, the SSCA Cruising Station Coordinator, writes about the treasures to be found along this seemingly forgotten cruising ground. Read More


Reopening Haiti to Cruisers
Sam Altema has been appointed as the Seven Seas Cruising Associations's Cruising Station Host for the anchorage of Ile a Vache, Haiti. Read More


Trinidad's SSCA Station Says Welcome
Seven Seas Cruising Association members arriving in Trinidad are invited to visit the official Trinidad SSCA Cruising Station hosted by Jesse James... Read More

Seven Seas Cruising Association

If you're new to cruising you might not yet be familiar with the Seven Seas Cruising Association - but you shoud be. Read More

Cruising Outpost

SSCA - Making Cruising Dreams Come True - The Seven Seas Cruising Association Celebrates 60 Years!

What do Nigel Calder, Jimmy Cornell, and Beth Leonard have in common? They're all members of Seven Seas Cruising Association. Read More

Cruising World

New SSCA HF Radio Station

Thanks to member Glenn Tuttle, SSCA has a new high frequency radio voice service for cruisers in the Caribbean. Read More

Committed to Cruisers
Throughout her 55 years in the Seven Seas Cruising Association, keeping sailors informed and in touch has been Ginny Filiatrault's labor of love. Read More

Gam it Up!
The 26th Annual SSCA Annapolis Gam... Read More

Latitudes & Attitudes

There Shall Be Potluck
The cruising community is known for its unique sense of camaraderie, and as we hear over and over again, the rewards of cruising are not so much the places we visit as the people we meet along the way. Read More

Third Time's a Charm
On September 5, 2007 Cloud Nine, captained by owner Roger Swanson, successfully completed a transit of the Northwest Passage. Read More

All At Sea

Joan Conover, SSCA Coordinator Extraordinarie

Joan Conover literally has her fingers on the pulse of the world, the crusing world that is! Read More

Second Life for Used Sails Project

The Second Life Used Sails project, planned to assist Haitian fishermen who rely on sail-powered boats, received the approval of the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) as an SSCA endorsed Clean Wake project. Read More

Friends Await: Seven Seas Cruising Stations Growing
Since the first boat sailed over the horizon, sailors have shared experiences, knowledge (and a drink or two) wth other sailors. That sharing of information and camaraderie was how the Seven Seas Cruising Association began more than 60 years ago and prompted the formation of its Cruising Stations program in the '70s. Read More

Learning Online - Back to School for Cruisers at Seven Seas U
It's back to school time across the country. Where can cruisers go if they simply want to be learning online more about marine technology, arrival procedures at various islands or even how to read a pilot chart? Seven Seas U... Read More

Cruisers Potluck Thanksgiving in St Marys at the Riverview Hotel
As the hurricane season began to wane my husband, Clint, and I turned our attention to getting our beloved Contour 34 trimaran, Tri Dreaming, from the Cheasapeake to her new port in Florida. Read More

Leave a Clean Wake with the SSCA Operation Bahamas Project
For the past four years I have volunteered at the Seven Seas Cruising Association booth during the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis. My job was simply to talk to people about the benefits of joining SSCA... Read More

Coastal Passage

Making Cruising Dreams Come True - the Seven Seas Cruising Association

SSCA is probably best known for its monthly Commodores' Bulletin. The 48-page monthly publication is packed with information, advice and inspiration from members who are actually out there cruising the world. This means that members get the most up-to-date information on anchorages, customs and immigration, costs and "what to do and where to go." Read More

Other Magazines

Cruisers pack conference at Isles Yacht Club

Last month, 175 people attended teh seventh annual Florida West Coast Gam... Read More

Seven Seas Cruising Association announces 23rd Annual Downeast Gam
Cruisers heading to Maine this summer... Read More

23rd Annual Downeast Gam
Read More

Harbor Style interviews KPK volunteer Glenn Tuttle
Read More

Living the Ham Life, Charlotte Sun
KPK Net Manager Glenn Tuttle and other amateur radio operators in Southwest Florida are featured in this story.

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