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Seven Seas Cruising Association
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Whether you are a seasoned cruiser or buying your first boat, SSCA has something for you!


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Harris Scotland
Isle of Harris, Scotland, Photo by SSCA Member Susan Waters (s/v TabbyCat)

Our Purpose

Our Values

To provide valuable support and fellowship to current, future and former cruisers.

We roam or voyage by boat or aspire to do so.

We respect and value the environment, the cultures we visit, and each other.

We are better together and support each other in living the dream.

We enable and sustain those pursuing the cruising lifestyle through education, fellowship, and fun.
Crete and Malta
Between Crete & Malta, Photo by SSCA Member Gary Wells  (s/v Adagio) 

Our Passion

Facilitate camaraderie among you and fellow cruisers.

Provide indispensable information about cruising life and current events and deliver it to you electronically and in-person.

Help you achieve the dream by providing global, on-the-water cruising support.

Fretheim, Norway, Photo by SSCA Member Betty Romberg (s/v Bright Ayes)

Our Benefits

Discussion Forum

Membership gets you members-only exclusive access to a sea of knowledge provided by members at home and aboard on our website and via email.


Gams (n.):  social visit or friendly interchange, especially between sailors or seafarers
Some are small and informal, while some include cruising seminars and vendors.  Gain vital knowledge and camaraderie at one of our gams around the world!

Cruisers' Bulletin

Monthly newsletters are always available online and Bulletins keep you updated on fellow members and the activities of the Board and Home Base.

Seven Seas U

SSCA can help you learn the skills and acquire the knowledge that you need to be a successful cruiser.  At Seven Seas U, you can take courses online--no matter where you live or cruise.  All you need is the Internet!  SSCA members receive a discount on every Seven Seas U course or even attend free.

Cruising Station Hosts

These hosts provide valuable information and a warm greeting.  SSCA membership gives you access to cruising stations and port guides (information about ports available on our website or through cruising station hosts) around the world to make your cruising a little more easy and friendly!

KPK Radio Voice Service

SSCA's radio voice service provides invaluable support to cruisers by passing emergency and priority traffic, as well as traffic related to safety and security, providing current news updates of interest to cruisers from such sources as the Caribbean Safety and Security Net and other networks, and various cruising-related Facebook sites, and providing any vessels needing assistance with land-based resources.

Additional Benefits

More benefits are available here.
Somes Sunset 2
Somes Sound, Maine USA, Photo by SSCA Member Kathy Barth (s/v Five & Dime)

El Gigante Mountains
El Gigante Mountains, Baja, Gulf of California, Mexico, Photo by SSCA Members Kirk & Kris Douglas (s/v Linger Longer)

Join Us!

Our Stories

"People are important and we were now part of a community of people with common interests.  We discovered Seven Seas Cruising Association, joined and fly their burgee. If you see the boat call on us. We all have stories to tell, adventures to share."  -- Ian and Shirley McCrum, s/v Shadowmere

" of our Facebook community contacts suggested we attend an SSCA Gam to learn more about it.  This was the second person who had suggested the gams to us, so we bit the bullet and decided to attend the Annapolis Gam in October 2018.  

"Looking back on the Gam, we consider this one of the most valuable investments we have made in our new lifestyle."  -- Cecilia and George Dahl, s/v Ring of Kerry

"In November of 1984 on my first ICW trip from New York to the Bahamas, I stopped for the SSCA Melbourne Gam and was inspired to join SSCA on the spot. After almost 33 years and more than 100,000nm of cruising, it’s so evident to me that SSCA has been an important and essential part of the adventure." -- Priscilla Travis, s/v Nomad


"We visited many SSCA Cruising Stations along the way that first year, including Rick Butler, long-time SSCA member and Cruising Station Host near Charleston. Rick invited us into his home and spent time helping me understand that while Brenda was willing to make this trip. . .I had to make a special effort to help her be comfortable. . .so that trip wouldn’t be our last winter afloat together.--- Bob and Brenda Osborn, s/v Pandora


"(Before setting out) we had a house on the water and our own dock and it was difficult to meet other sailors. We heard about SSCA, joined, and learned so much. We attended many Gams and online SSU webinars, which gave great structure, education and preparation." -- Devin and Liz Taylor, s/v Moosetracks


"I’m a third gen SSCAer. My journey is in its early stages and about to take the next leap. We are purchasing a bigger boat in the Mediterranean and will begin on a different sea in a different quadrant of this amazing planet. . .I find it amazing to think there are so many members of this organization today and the services they provide on a daily basis to this enormous family of cruisers is so admirable." -- Marina Batham, s/v Seeking the Blue


". . .after we were married and had moved aboard our sailboat. . .we met another liveaboard and SSCA member who became our mentor (and) we attended an SSCA event and immediately became members. To us, the most valuable SSCA benefit was the SSCA monthly Commodores’ Bulletins. The stories of extended cruising in faraway places fed our dream for retirement while we were putting in long hours at work.  In the 90s. . .we bought our current boat, a 46-foot Grand Banks Trawler, and after our retirement, we spent 10 years circumnavigating the Caribbean…the best part of SSCA now for us is the camaraderie and fun at the Gams."  "  -- Glenn and Eddie Tuttle, m/v Tothill

"As my wife and I began to plan for our retirement, a neighbor at Annapolis. . .who was preparing for voyaging, asked us if we were going to something called a “Gam”. . .I had no idea such a thing existed and was excited to check it out. We joined SSCA. . .and finally, I was meeting lots of people like us! Cruisers who not only had boats but who were interested in squeezing every drop of enjoyment out of their time on the water.  In SSCA, we made friends at our first Gam that we still have today. The camaraderie and learning derived from the best form of social media---called, “talking”---has added greatly to our enjoyment and safety on the water. The cost of joining SSCA is low, but the benefits are priceless."  -- Gary and Torie Rubin, s/v Solitude

"After eight years of chartering, we took the plunge and bought our own 42' sailboat, La Vie.  We sailed her for four years around Florida before finally retiring in 2015 with the goal of seasonal Caribbean cruising. It took a few more conversations, more research and attending the Melbourne Gams before we had the confidence to set out on our first 7-week Bahama trip in the spring of 2015. . .we now spend six or more months of the year (onboard).  We would never have thought this was possible had it not been for the people we met and the stories we read through SSCA.  Yes, thanks to the inspiration of our SSCA friends and resources, we are truly living our dream, living La Vie!"  -- Marion and Joanne Terry, s/v La Vie

"The volunteer at the SSCA booth at the 2006 Strictly Sail Show in Chicago handed us a Commodores' Bulletin and wished us the very vest in pursuing our dreams.  Reading through the Bulletin and thinking about how our 'someday' plans might come to pass, we both felt the magic of reports and stories from places far away by people who had made it happen for them.  We were bitten by the bug and it was just the beginning to take full form.  After promptly joining SSCA, the Bulletins kept the vision alive with all the amazing and tempting stories. . .in May 2009, we purchased our first boat, a Sabre 28, and we began really learning about sailing and ownership (mostly about fixing stuff).  During those months, we made it to our first meeting in Fort Lauderdale and finally put some faces to the names of SSCA there. . .having been to a Gam now and having met some wonderful sailors, we were privileged to have Steve and Lynn Kauffmann on board as our crew (for a BVI rally). . .what an amazing journey we have had and it keeps getting better." -- Gary and Robin Wells, s/v Adagio

"Avid racers, David and I knew nothing about cruising until we bought our first cruising boat in 2004, a Sabre 36.  Out for our first night, we anchored in a popular anchorage in Watch Hill, RI.  Launching our tiny dinghy that came with the boat, we explored the anchorage and admired the many blue water cruising boats.  We were pleasantly surprised when a couple on their classic Bayfield (SSCA Commodores) invited us aboard for a chat and a drink.  We had not idea how that conversation would change everything for us.  We spent the next hour peppering them with questions about their full-time cruising lifestyle and in turn they introduced us to SSCA. . .as we have traveled, we have met and been supported by many SSCA members and Cruising Station Hosts along our route.  Our lives are full of adventures every day and we feel incredibly lucky to have this fabulous organization to support us and make our dream of cruising distant countries a reality." -- David and Sue Torgersen, s/v sans cles

Dolphins During an Atlantic Crossing, Photo by SSCA Member Glen Sansom (s/v Cloudy Bay)

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