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You can benefit from SSCA membership, and at the same time benefit others, by volunteering.   It's a great way to enjoy the camaraderie of cruisers while helping your organization.  Here are some of volunteer opportunities:

  • Help with or organize a Gam. Cruisers love to get together, whether in an anchorage or while still dreaming of sailing away. If you’d like to hold a Gam or start a breakfast meeting in your area, please contact We’d be happy to offer advice and sponsorship. To learn more about organizing a gam or mini-gam, click here.
  • Organize or assist at the SSCA Booth at a Boat Show.  Simply manning the booth for a couple of hours during the show can be a big help to its organizers. Besides, volunteers at most boat shows get free admission to the show! Email
  • Be a Cruising Station. Enjoy SSCA camaraderie locally--whether you live in the area or are a transient cruiser passing through. Many Cruising Stations are simply SSCA Members who enjoy helping other cruisers near them and make it a habit of organizing  and planning social events for cruisers. Many of these events are posted on the SSCA Events Calendar. If you are interested in becoming a Cruising Station, contact Joan Conover at

  • Contribute to the SSCA Monthly Bulletin. If you have knowledge, advice and inspiration to share with other SSCA members, submit an article to the Commodores’ Bulletin.  Don’t worry about how you write.  What you write is more important. Articles about your home cruising grounds are every bit as valuable as those about exotic destinations. For guidelines in writing an article, check out the Commodores' Bulletin Submission Guidelines
  • Serve as a Committee Member. If you enjoy being involved in making decisions and making things happen, volunteer to serve on one of SSCA's Committees, which are listed at the bottom of the Officers, Staff, and Volunteers page.
  • Serve as a Board Member. SSCA's Board of Directors consists of seven volunteer members, a majority of which must be voting members. The Board oversees all business of the SSCA, determines its policies and employs its senior staff person. It regularly reviews financial records and has authority to make rules and regulations governing the conduct of members of the SSCA. To apply to be a member of the board of directors, fill out this online application.
  • Provide revenue ideas for a Tiger Team.  We are looking for three or four people to think about new revenue streams for SSCA to help keep dues low. Membership continues to be our largest source of income followed by SSU (a wonderful contribution), Gams, and the Ship's Store. We could use your help and your ideas. Your contribution would be almost entirely by email. This is a strategic initiative so there are no hard deadlines. You can't schedule great ideas!  This is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in support of the SSCA from anywhere in the world. Send an email to


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