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Welcome to the New SSCA Website!

SSCA launched a new website in August and you should have received log-in credentials to access the site.  If you didn't receive your temporary credentials or have issues logging in, contact Home Base at  Check out the webinar demo for more details on this site.

Trans-Atlantic Cruisers' Net Begins for Season

SSCA's Trans-Atlantic Cruisers' Net which began last spring resumed operation on Wednesday, October 24th and is continuing through the traditional crossing seasons for winter and spring. Learn More

New Website Features

There are many new and upgraded features to the website and a few are highlighted below.  Take some time to view these features and explore the rest of the website to see what it has to offer.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Home Base

Webinar-This recorded webinar will provide details about the site, the platform that hosts it, why the change was necessary at this time and how it will benefit YOU!  It will also give you a tour of the site and demonstrate how to use some of the great new features.  It's free and available on-demand.

Member Profile-This is where you can maintain your membership.  This is located under the Membership menu after you log in.

SSCA News-This is where you will find what was traditionally on the member-only homepage on the previous site.  This can always be located under the Membership menu after you log in.

Discussion Forum-This is now a members-only feature.  You will be able to interact with other members by exchanging valuable cruising information.  Unlike the previous forum that required you to sign up separately, you will automatically be subscribed to the forum and you will receive the Daily Digest every morning in your inbox which is a 24-hour recap of forum postings from the previous day.  You can see what other members are talking about and join the conversation by easily replying to a post.  If you choose not to receive the Daily Digest, you can opt out of it through your member profile. In addition to the general forum, there are three special interest forums about cruising, tech talk and life aboard.  These three forums are unlike the general forum in that you will have to subscribe to them should you have interest in participating.  You can subscribe to any or all of them through your member profile.

Member Directory-This directory operates in real-time so as soon as someone joins they can be found in the directory.  In addition to searching by name, state or country, you can search by member status (Associate or Commodore), boat name, boat make and boat type.  You can add additional information to display in your directory listing through your member profile.

Member Locator/Mobile App-You can download an app to view an improved mobile version of the website and be able to locate other members using the GPS on your mobile device.  Instructions on how the app works and how to download it are at the link above.

Classifieds-There is now a separate module that will allow you to post classified ads.  They can be viewed by members and non-members but only members can post them.  This was previously housed within the forum.

Photo Albums-You can share photos of your travels with other members by creating a photo album through your member profile for other members to view.

Document Library-This library houses documents that are accessible by links from the various web pages but makes them available in one place. They are organized in folders and sub-folders so it makes it easy to find what you need.

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