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SSCA Mentor Program Now Available

Published on 6/18/2021

Cruisers help other cruisers. It’s a thing. The love of the lifestyle creates quite a community, and the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) plays a large part in celebrating, encouraging, and fostering this spirit with the development of a program to help connect people with others who can consult, or help with anything and everything sailing and cruising.  

SSCA has developed a searchable database in order to connect people with others based on topic, location, etc., regarding a variety of information, and assistance. The goal of this program is to establish a framework where participants can identify and contact other members to get together in person, or via some other kind of exchange (text, email, zoom, etc.) to share thoughts, ideas, help, and advice. We hope to facilitate the exchange of information that will benefit members and allow them to make informed decisions on matters related to the boat projects, and the cruising lifestyle.  

Number of years sailing or cruising doesn’t limit anyone’s ability to contribute because we all have something we know well, and can share with others to promote their success. This can be anything from Cruising Station Hosts, to local knowledge of a particular sailing destination, to planning and setting up a solar system, to advice on fishing, and so much more!

Connecting directly with others has advantages over posting in facebook groups, or other forum-type groups. For one, often the feedback received in online groups can be overwhelming because so many people respond. At times, some of the responses can be off-topic, or met with negativity which can be discouraging. Perhaps, finding someone nearby to physically come and assist is desired.  Or maybe it could be that posts get lost in the shuffle of all the various discussions. These groups do have great value, too, of course, but for those that would prefer to try, connecting with someone specifically, the SSCA mentor search is a great additional resource!

Please join in at to become a mentor or find a mentor! Update your profile bio, and check your boxes to let others know you’re willing to help, too!  

Additionally, if you have any questions, or if there are any topics you feel should be added, or any other constructive feedback, please let us know at!

I want to thank Debra Morgan and Neil Davies for all the work they did to put this program together.  They have done a fantastic job.  Also, we could not have created it on the website without the help and expertise of Karen Nettles in the office.  Thank you all.

Mentoring Program Chairperson
Melinda Schell, Rear Commodore

The Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) is a volunteer-driven organization committed to helping interested members achieve a successful, enjoyable, and responsible cruising lifestyle consistent with the values set out in the SSCA Policy and Procedures.  SSCA cannot accept responsibility for the advice given or taken.  Just like sailing, you are the Captain, and it’s your decision and responsibility!

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