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New Port Updates for Transatlantic, Mediterranean and Nothern Europe Ports
Learn which ports are open for transiting cruisers.
US Marinas and State Laws Change to Adapt to COVID-19 Threats
Find out which marina closures and state laws will affect your cruising.
Suggestions for Caribbean Cruisers Seeking Entrance in the Chesapeake Bay
Returning to the US from the Caribbean? Learn which locations are best suited for your entry in the Chesapeake.
Ports Worldwide Changing Customs Regulations
Stay up-to-date on port information from around the world due to COVID-19.

SSCA Events/Activities

SSCA Video Contest
Published on: 6/1/2020
Learn how to submit your entry by August 1st.
SSCA Photo Contest Now Open for Submissions
Have great photos? Submit them in this year's photo contest and cast your vote for the current month's contest.
SSCA Launches Circumnavigation Summit
Join SSCA for a monthly interview series featuring circumnavigators who will share what they learned to help you achieve your dream of circumnavigating.
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