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St. Vincent Volcanic Disaster

 | Published on 4/14/2021
St Vincent and the Grenadines are in the middle of a major volcanic disaster, with ongoing events in the northern side of the island, Red Zone. April 9, 2021, La Soufriere Volcano explosively erupted with heavy, hot ash and rocks. This is still continuing with pyroclastic ash flows moving at hundreds of miles per hour; the eruption continues mainly effecting the Red Zone as described by St Vincent Authorities. The northern coasts  and some eastern/northern and western bays of St. Vincent are all affected by these sudden flows caused by rainfall. Ash is found heavily in various areas of St Vincent, but is not a major impact to other islands at this time, per Sally Erdle of Caribbean Compass.  As the eruptions continue, the citizens have migrated to the southern parts of the main island of St. Vincent with close to 20,000 people in shelters or private homes. They need support for basic necessities and for rebuilding.  See ways to help in these documents: "How to Donate" and "Needed Items", plus a report on the current situation(s) can be found at Boats considering visiting St. Vincent should check current conditions, southern bays (Green Areas) are being used by anchored vessels. Any vessels on passage should pass at least a mile or so distance from the northern coast line; no vessel should consider sight seeing. Updates will be provided.

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