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SSCA Initiates a New Forum for COVID-19 Information

During the COVID-19 Crisis, the SSCA is committed to supporting members who are encountering challenges related to limited services, marina closures, border crossing restrictions, acquisition of supplies and provisions and ground support.  In an effort to present and facilitate critical updates, we have established a forum thread for COVID-19 information.   We will use this thread to share alerts and information as it becomes known to us.  It is also a place where anyone who needs information or support or has information to share can post questions or insights. To subscribe, follow the instructions below.
From your Personal Profile, go to the Forums section and click Forum Memberships.  Under Available Forums, click the green icon to the right of the COVID-19 forum name.  Once you click the green icon, you are subscribed.  You will then see a pencil icon.  Using the pencil icon will allow you to manage your preferences for this forum.  Please note it takes about 45 minutes after you subscribe to the forum for your subscription to be activated so the post button will not show up in the forum for you until your subscription activation is complete.  If you need a password reset to access your membership, please email Home Base at to request a reset.

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