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Past Recognition/Camaraderie Award Winners

2017 Recipients of Recognition Award

Nina Pruess was recognized for her superb job coordinating the 2017 Annapolis Gam

Alex Schlegel of Hartge Yacht Yard was recognized for saving a yacht in distress at the 2015 Annapolis Gam.

2016 Recipients of Recognition Award

Mary Frazer for her volunteer work at a number of SSCA Gams

Keith Davies and Nicki Dunbar for their hosting of the 2016 Penobscot Bay (Downeast) Gam

Shawn Harlan for his rescue of five people struggling in the water north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Shawn's actions have been recognized by the Maryland State DNR as well as the SSCA.

Michael Moreau (VA3LKI) for maintaining a Winklink RMS shore station outside Toronto for eight years, providing coverage across the North Atlantic and US Eastern Seaboard.

Phil Werndli for his dedicated efforts lobbying on behalf of cruisers’ anchoring rights (awarded posthumously)

2015 Recipients of Recognition Award

Pam Wall - Recognition Award for her assistance in restructuring and organizing the SSCA library to facilitate the relocation of Home Base

Paul Sears - Recognition Award for his involvement with the SSCA’s new website

Betty Romberg - 2015 Volunteer Extraordinaire for her time, dedication and commitment to the build and launch of the SSCA’s new website


Pam Wall, Paul Sears, and Betty Romberg

2014 Recipients of Recognition Award

Beth and Steve Deitch, Nightingale, for their efforts as speaker coordinators for the Annapolis Gam.


Bob Osborn, Pandora, and George Van Drasek, Peace and Quiet, for their efforts coordinating the Essex Gam.


Al Lima, Jadefor his efforts coordinating the St. Petersburg Gam.

Beth and Steve Deitch, Bob Osborn, George Van Drasek, and Al Lima

Additional 2014 Recognition Award Recipients

Rich Boren, Third Day, for his donation of time and space that enabled SSCA to have a presence at the Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show.


Betty Romberg, Bright Ayes, for her work on the development of the website.

Rich Boren and Betty Romberg

2013 Recognition Award Recipient

SSCA awarded Pat Tilson, Shaboom, the Recognition Award for his hard work as volunteer coordinator at the Annapolis Gams in 2012 and 2013.

Melinda and Harry SchellSeaschell, were presented the Camaraderie Award for their work in spreading SSCA throughout the Caribbean.

Pat Tilson and Melinda and Harry Schell

2012 Award Recipients

Devin Taylor, Moosetracks, was recognized for serving as Chair of the Nominating Committee for the past four years!
Submitted by the entire Board of Directors with appreciation and thanks for his commitment to the future of SSCA and its leadership.


Phil Johnson, Flipper, was recognized for his ongoing efforts to advocate for cruisers rights and anchor safety, providing a voice for cruisers, as Chair of the Concerned Cruisers Committee. His nomination was submitted by the entire Board of Directors for his commitment and dedication lobbying for cruisers’ rights

Devin Taylor and Phil Johnson

2011 Award Winners

The 2011 Recognition Award was presented to three men whose hard work in coordinating SSCA Gams made these events very successful:

Scott Ligon, Sangaris, for coordinating the 2010 and 2011 Annapolis Gams

John Martino, Annapolis School of Seamanship, for coordinating the 2011 Annapolis Gam

Steve Johnson, Chat-eau, for coordinating the 2009 and 2010 Florida West Coast Gams

Scott Ligon, John Martino, and Steve Johnson

2010 Award Winners

Dave and Sherry McCampbell, Soggy Paws, were honored for the efforts that they’ve made to help other cruising yachts and for the exemplary behavior and role modeling in environmental issues and their standard of behavior in dealing with the ambiguities brought on crews by officials, weather and varying cultures. They have had a positive impact on the cruising community wherever they’ve cruised.

Priscilla Travis, Nomad, and Shirlee Smith, Solstice were honored for their years of volunteering as proofers for the SSCA Commodores’ Bulletin.

Dave and Sherry McCampbell, Priscilla Travis, and Shirlee Smith

Prior Recipients of the Recognition Award

2009 Joan Conover, Growltiger, for her work coordinating the 2009 Annapolis Boat Show Booth

Kathy and Richard DeGrasse, Endeavour, for organizing the Downeast Gam

Steve Johnson, Chat-eau, for his efforts coordinating the 2009 Florida West Coast Rendezvous

Teddy Koornstra,Windhover, for his assistance at the 2008 (and 2009) Melbourne Gams

Mike Mkam for his functioning as an honorary Teamster, Chef and Virtual slave for the 2008 and 2009 Melbourne Gams

Diane Rudnick, Destiny, for her work as Volunteer Coordinator of the 2009 Annapolis Gam

Gary Smith, Opa!, for his work coordinating the 2009 Newport Boat Show Booth

Kenna Theisen, Out of Bounds, for her assistance at the 2008 (and 2009) Melbourne Gams

Patricia Tyler,Whoosh, for her tireless efforts running the galley at the 2008 Melbourne Gam

Nancy Zapf,Halekai, for being a mentor extraordinaire and coordinating an entire Gam via email

Maxine and Larry Bailey, Shingebiss II, coordinators of the 2008 Seattle Boat Show booth.

Mark Cain, Magic Dragon, Equipment Survey

Carolyn Carvey,Tambadil, coordinator of the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show booth in Oakland, CA and for designing the SSCA lapel pin and 2008 Melbourne Gam t-shirt design.

Chad Carvey,Tambadil, coordinator of the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show booth in Oakland, CA.

Joan Conover, Growltiger, Cruising Station Coordinator

Helen Dierker, Annapolis Gam Coordinator

Wayne Marshall, Imagine, Chair of the Concerned Cruisers’ Committee (CCC)

Laura McCourt, for initiating the show booth volunteer training program introduced at the Strictly Sail Miami show which she coordinated.

Sue Torgersen, Coordinator for the Newport International Boat Show booth in Newport, RI.

Nancy Zapf,Halekai, coordinator of the Annapolis Sailboat Show booth, 2002-08 (except 2006)


Doug Moody, for his efforts as our Boat Show Volunteer Coordinator and Melbourne Vendors’ Area Coordinator.

Barbara & Tom Theisen, Out of Bounds, for their efforts editing and publishing our new cookbook, SSCA Potluck Favorites, a Cookbook by Cruisers for Cruisers.

Jeffrey Hazzard, Seaspan, for his efforts coordinating a Gam in Gulfport, FL, in April, the St. Pete, FL breakfasts and the St. Pete Boat Show booth; and for initiating the concept of a PowerPoint presentation to help members promote SSCA to yacht clubs, rallies, etc.

Beth Leonard, Hawk, for providing wise counsel and practical coaching to the SSCA Board on ways to partner with key marine vendors to the benefit of all SSCA members.

Evans Starzinger, Hawk, for his regular contributions of welcome advice to our website Discussion Board.

Andy Bound, Volare, for his efforts coordinating our Weekend Workshops and also the SSCA booth at the Baja Ha-Ha Rally Halloween Party.

Marcie Lynn, Nine of Cups, for her efforts as our first volunteer Cruising Station Coordinators.

Kirk Hackler, Due West; Chuck Munson, Eridanus; and Burger Zapf,Halekaifor their efforts as local coordinators of our weekend workshops


Russell Easby-Smith, Lady Pauline, set up the new website Discussion Board

Beth Blackford, Slow Dancing, creator of the new SSCA Organization Manual

Richard & Beth Blackford, Slow Dancing, Miami, FL anchoring restrictions activism

Joan Stewart, Gannet(formerly), 2004 Equipment Survey

Joan Hamner, Viking Rose(formerly), appointed Recording Secretary & Board Director

Kate Munson, Eridanus, chair Annapolis Gam planning committee Oct 2006

Bruce & Marilyn Conklin, Reflection, Coordinators of West Florida Rendezvous and Strictly Sail St Pete Boat Show booth

Joe Jelinski, Sunshine, assistance with development of SSCA Foundation

Robert Reynard, CPA, assistance with development of SSCA Foundation


Bruce Van Sant for his many years of guidance and advice to cruisers through his books

Trudi Smyth for her many years of dedication and service running the Transatlantic Net


2002 Solveiga Krumins for her efforts in assisting Home Base over many years.

Laura McCourt for her efforts in hosting the SSCA Annapolis Gathering

Brenda and Dave Merchberger for their efforts in hosting the SSCA Annual Party

Pete Rimmel for his efforts in assisting Home Base over many years

Nancy and Burger Zapf for their efforts in hosting the SSCA Annapolis Gathering

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