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Circumnavigators Summit


SSCA is proud to announce the launch of the Seven Seas Cruising Association's Circumnavigators Summit! In keeping with the pure tradition of sharing information, SSCA is taking the concept to the next level beyond the written word in 2020 with an interview series. 

The Circumnavigators Summit is an interview series which showcases members who have completed "round the world" voyages. They share with us their stories, wisdom, and advice. The series attempts to share the experiences of a variety of types of people and boats, and encourage fellow members "to just do it!"

Topics covered include: the voyage – how long, where to where, highlights, bad weather avoidance, communications on the journey, piracy and security issues and strategies, and many tips and insights for fellow SSCA members.

Watch an Introductory Video
SSCA's Circumnavigators Summit
Watch Episode #12
 Bruce & Dan Dage on s/v Ahquabi

Watch a Preview
  SSCA's Easier & Safer Cruising Summit

Past Episodes

Episode 1
Anne & Johnathan Lloyd
s/v Sofia
Episode 2
Rich Crowell & Jan Schwab
s/v Slip Away

Episode 3
Jimmy Cornell
s/v Aventura

Episode 4
Paul Donnerup
s/v New Dawn

Episode 5
Ronald Bruce & Joanne Bush
s/v Miss Jody

Episode 6
Rob Dubin
s/v Ventana

Episode 7
Robert Rowland
s/v Kiana

Episode 8
Almuth Otterstedt & Eduard Keck
s/v Single Malt

Episode 9
Jim & Joy Carey
s/v Kelaerin

Episode 10
Jeff & Anne Posner
s/v Joyful

Episode 11
Bruce & Joan Kessler
s/v  Spirit of Zopilote

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