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Trans-Atlantic Cruisers' Net

SSCA's Trans-Atlantic Cruisers' Net which began last spring resumed operation on Tuesday, May 7th and is continuing through the traditional crossing season.

Like last year, the primary participants are:

Glenn Tuttle, Coastal Station KPK, Punta Gorda, FL
Chris Parker, Coastal Station WCY, Lakeland, FL
Jim West, Coastal Station KJM, Ellijay, GA
Dick Giddings, Coastal Station, KNC, Dover, NC

The morning SSCA HF Radio Service Net will remain with a start time of 1215 hrs UTC year round on frequency 8.104. Please adjust your local time accordingly. 

The May 7th afternoon net will start on the 5:00 PM Doo Dah/Trans-Atlantic Cruisers' Net frequency of 8.152.  Then when the Doo Dah Net concludes (usually 10-15 minutes) all net controllers and relay stations will switch to frequency 12.350 to pick up the vessels farther out at sea.

We invite all cruisers to check into the Trans-Atlantic Cruisers' Net.  Cruisers do not have to be SSCA members to utilize the service.  This service will take position reports, do phone patches to family/friends, medical or mechanical professionals, or conduct Internet searches. 

While not mandatory, a USCG Auxiliary Float Plan, which can be downloaded at, is a simple form to complete and send back to the net controllers, those  being and
Please let everyone know that we do not send or share this information with the Coast Guard unless there is some type of emergency on their vessel.

SSCA will keep your float plan but your primary emergency contact should be a close friend or family member who is familiar with your boat and cruising plans.  They should also have a copy of your float plan.  SSCA can not be your primary emergency contact.

In addition, we invite other stations to assist with relays.  The more ears we have on the frequency, the more efficient the net will be.

Thank you.

Glenn Tuttle-Net Manager
SSCA HF Radio Service KPK,

500 Oakbrook Lane
Summerville, SC 29485
Phone: (754) 702-5068