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Enjoy these free recorded webinars by SSCA sponsors.  For additional free webinars, visit the Seven Seas U pagePlease note webinars containing navigation information are for Entertainment purposes only. Never rely on information for navigation from a single source without verifying with multiple resources.

Best Practices: Electronic Charts New Features for AQUA MAP
Presented March 25, 2022

Join us for a webinar  presented by SSCA for Aqua Map, the unique electronic chart system and map application. Your presenter will be live from Viareggio (LU) - Italy! Aqua Map integrates all major electronic maps with world wide coverage and provides a customized chart plotter capability. This is  also a premier tool used by US sailors as the tool includes US Army Corp of Engineers survey data. This survey data is critical for any vessels attempting to enter shoal water at US ports and harbors.  This webinar will focus on how the Aqua Map Application and electronic charts assists on passages, plus will introduce new features being introduced this spring 2022. You will be learning the latest in map technology from Aqua Maps!

Who will find this complimentary webinar of interest?  If you are preparing for  offshore experience, are a skipper, captain, or possible crew who want to learn about key map/charts, and  ow to use of Aqua Maps as a chart plotter on your tablet or cell phone. This is an excellent backup  to boats systems, and provides electronically updated information. SSCA also provides discounts for the Aqua Map  chart packages to members for maps around the world.

Best Practices: SSCA Webinar on Boat Surveys - a little on the why and lessons learned

Presented March 18, 2022

Join us for a webinar presented by SSCA Sponsor, Curtis Stokes(Curtis Stokes & Associates), to better understand the marine survey process. Mr. Stokes is very familiar with the process and will review steps, offer survey suggestions and make suggestions from his years of experience. Also he will share his best practices on boat surveys, what to consider when you see a survey or get a survey for your vessel. Joining us also is Gary Golden, Manifest Marine, long time insurance broker and agent, providing input and views on current status on marine insurance and surveys. View this complementary webinar with Mr. Stokes(Curtis Stokes and Associates), and Gary Golden, for live Q&A on boat surveys what to expect, and for their advice.

SSCA SSU FREE Webinar--Weather for Heading South from the North East USA
Full recording of webinar given on July 29, 2021

Join us for a free-to-all webinar presented by SSCA sponsor, Marine Weather Center,, Chris Parker. This webinar will focus on the most current WX situation for cruisers, what is happening in this season, what they should expect, and more. Do not get caught in a difficult WX situation off or near shore! The weather concerns boaters as you passage south, from NE from Maine, to NY, to Cape May, to points south. Plan ahead, before this Fall 2021 season. Chris Parker, MWXC, and his team provide personal, live weather and routing assists with both MWXC online daily WX webinars with dynamic charts, interactive chat and SSB/radio links, plus daily emails on weather in your location. The sessions are broadcast via SSB to the entire Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Western Caribbean. The known expert for weather reporting, MWXC has various options, from daily call ins to yearly plans. This allows weather information for your passage to be the most updated possible.

SSCA SSU FREE Webinar--Medical Insurance for Cruisers
Full recording of webinar given on July 15, 2021

Join us for a webinar presented by SSCA sponsor, Gowrie, Rick Bagnall with comments from AEROMD, Medical Evacuation partners. This webinar will focus on medical insurance for cruisers, what is out there, what they should expect, and various ways to handle medical insurance needs as you travel. Mr. Bagnall, Senior Vice President, a Gowrie Risk Management expert, will tell you ways to manage health insurance issues everyone faces as they cruise the USA and international locations. Plan ahead, before this Fall 2021 season.

International Marine Insurance Services (IMIS) is now a part of Gowrie Group. As a combined agency, Gowrie Group brings to boaters a broader range of insurance coverage, enhanced risk management, and exceptional client service. Gowrie has expertise in the international Marine Health Insurance area; they will share their knowledge of what options cruisers should consider.

SSCA SSU FREE Webinar--PredictWind Offshore App in Detail as well as Using It with SSB and Satellite
Full recording of webinar given on September 9, 2020 by Nick Olson of PredictWind.
Our third webinar in a series with PredictWind will cover the offshore app in detail as well as using it with SSB and Satellite.

SSCA SSU FREE Webinar--Coastal Weather Routing by PredictWind
Full recording of free webinar presented on August 17, 2020 by Nick Olson of PredictWind.
This session will give you an overview of how to use the PredictWind App for coastal weather routing.

SSCA SSU FREE Webinar - Predict Wind – Iridium Go
Full recording of the webinar given on October 6, 2020 by Nick Olson from PredictWind. PredictWind is the leading weather app providing the highest resolution wind and marine forecasts on the web and known to deliver professional forecasts. This webinar was focused on using it with an Iridium Go.

SSCA SSU Free Webinar - SSCA International Cruising Conference 2020 - Latest Developments from PredictWind Presented by Nick Olson
For the first time, because of  social distancing and COVID-19, the SSCA's Annual General Meeting and Gam were held online via a Zoom conference in November 2020. This video is the fourth of the event held on November 14th, 2020. Nick Olson gives a live, slideshow presentation about the latest developments from PredictWind followed by Q&A. For other webinars from the Annual General Meeting and Gam, click here

SSCA SSU Free Webinar - Predictwind - Atlantic Crossing Weather Tools Introduction
An overview of the weather tools and communications equipment recommended by PredictWind. Topics covered: Iridium GO Hardware, Iridium GO Apps, PredictWind Offshore App, PredictWind Tracking.

SSCA SSU Free Webinar--AquaMap Tutorial
In this webinar, AquaMap founder and CEO Giorgio Ghiggini covers key features of their products.  

SSCA SSU Free Webinar--AquaMap Master Webinar
This webinar will explain in detail all the features of the AquaMap Master subscription.  AquaMap Master is the app add-on for all the new and future advanced navigation features that will be implemented for the AquaMap product.

External device integration through a NMEA to WiFi Gateway, Signal-K, AIS, Route Explorer 2.0 (new), the USACE Surveys and also US Coast Guard Lights List and LNM (Local Notice to Mariners).

AquaMap Master is available for both iOS and Android (with the exception of Route Explorer, not yet available for Android).

This subscription will transform your smartphone into a fully functioning chartplotter.

SSCA SSU Free Webinar--Hampton, VA:  A Choice Destination for Cruisers
Full presentation given on March 24, 2021

Join us in Hampton Virginia: A Choice Destination for Cruisers. Learn about the Hampton River, the waterway, marinas and facilities. Meet the Dockmaster for The Docks, Danny Fitzerald, learn about Hampton Yacht Club events and the marina, learn how to care for boat canvas with Signature Canvas, and about the environmental efforts by our local groups in Hampton. The Hampton Visitors Bureau & Convention has excellent venues for visitors; learn where to go as you visit the charming walking distance 'things to do' and restaurants of this small town feeling community.

SSCA SSU Free Webinar -- Throwing Lines:  An Empowering Skill

The Keys To Successful Line Tossing… Long Lines & Good Technique... Useful Throwing Techniques… throwing to a person, throwing over a cleat, throwing around a piling.  In this presentation by Rudy and Jill Sechez from Trawler Training and Anchoring Consultants, you will be shown all three.

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