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Southbound II Award

This award was created to recognize individuals and/or organizations whose volunteer efforts have rendered a valuable service to the well-being of the blue water sailing community.  It is presented on a periodic basis when appropriate (not necessarily annually).

A member of SSCA donated monies to be used to recognize those who have significantly helped sailors living the full-time cruising lifestyle. The conditions of the donation were that the donor remain anonymous; that the award be named to honor Herb Hilgenberg, whose boat as well as his famous high frequency radio station named Southbound II; and that Herb Hilgenberg be the first recipient. The award consists of a crystal sailboat trophy and may include a monetary remuneration. Herb was, indeed, the first recipient of the award in 1999.

Award Nomination Form

2018 Winners

Terry Sargent, Valhalla
Nominated by Luc Callebaut, Sloepmouche, and Leslie Linkklia and Philip Dinuovo, Carina

For over a decade, Terry has been working countless hours compiling navigation resources for cruisers sailing around the Philippines and the entire SE Asia. Compiling series of anchorages sent from cruisers in the area as well as developing precious corrected chart overlays using the latest and best satellite imagery available, Terry has made navigation and cruising safer for all sailors. He maintains up-to-date info and has hundreds of sailors getting his free, short monthly updates with links to all his navigation resources with newest releases in color to make it easy for sailors to update their files.

Terry is also a top contributor in the development of OpenCPN, by cruisers for cruisers, the best free opensource navigation software. He also gives lectures to interested cruisers that meet him and is an SSCA Volunteer Ham Examiner. Terry does not seek any awards; he just does all this work to give back to the sailing community. 

Paul HigginsGday II 
Nominated by Sherry McCampbell, Soggy Paws

Paul Higgins has had a HUGE positive impact on the cruising community with his program called GE2KAP. This program will take a screen shot from GoogleEarth or SASPlanet (satellite imagery display programs) and create a properly geo-referenced electronic chart file, in KAP format. I first heard of GE2KAP in 2011 when we were in Tonga, struggling with cruising in reef-strewn waters with inaccurate charts. It has revolutionized our cruising, as we can use the very detailed charts that we create with his program to navigate safely in poorly charted off-the-beaten-path areas. Paul has not been happy to just put his program out there, but he has continued to add features to it, making it more and more useful to the cruising community. 

In addition to the program itself, Paul has created a massive amount of help and documentation, and also personally provides technical support for his program via a Facebook group. And, it is downloadable for free, with no gimmicks, no adware, no compensation.

Glenn TuttleTothill 
Nominated by the SSCA Board of Directors 

Glenn Tuttle is the founder and net controller for SSCA’s High Frequency Radio Service, KPK. When Glenn Tuttle was asked to join the SSCA Board of Directors in 2014, he thought to himself, “How could he combine his passions--cruising and radio communications and serve SSCA?” He realized that perhaps he could make useful contributions to the organization and the cruising community by promoting the use of radio communications among cruisers. 

A full-time liveaboard for over 30 years, who’s cruised 10 years in remote areas of the Southern and SW Caribbean, spending months at a time at anchor without cellular or Internet access, Glenn realized the importance of the HF/SSB radio aboard cruising vessels. 

Glenn established an SSCA Voice Service (not a formal net) on the HF Marine radio band to assist cruisers in remote locations who are without cellular and Internet access, in order to relay priority and emergency information and to provide any vessels needing assistance with additional resources. The assistance includes radio checks, float plans, telephone contact with family/friends, boat-to-boat relays, access to medical or mechanical professionals, marinas, Internet searches, or other assistance that he might be able to provide to cruisers in remote locations. All vessels are welcome to participate in this service provided by SSCA. 

Since 2015, Glenn has broadcast every morning and developed KPK into an internationally recognized safety net and service for cruisers by utilizing his unique investigative skills, and coordinating the assistance of multiple organizations. Glenn developed a partnership with the Caribbean Safety and Security Service, regularly coordinates with the US Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center in Miami, FL as well as with Chris Parker’s Weather Service, Dick Giddings’ Do Dah Net, and is often a relay station on the Cruiseheimers Net. In April of this year, he implemented the seasonal Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net with three other FCC Coastal Maritime Stations, Chris Parker, Dick Giddings and Jim West.

This has resulted in the rescue of persons and boats lost at sea, the location of stolen vessels, emergency communications provided during Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and assistance to cruisers with emergencies at sea. Glenn’s KPK has received coverage in Ocean Navigator, Cruising World, The Compass, Harbor Magazine and the news media. Glen represents SSCA’s best qualities with the international cruising community on a daily basis. We are proud to honor him with this recognition. 

Past Recipients of the Southbound II Award

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Phone: (754) 702-5068