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Winlink Express and Iridium GO


Winlink Express and Iridium GO

by helenden-dekker » Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:23 pm

I am very interested to hear if anyone is using Winlink(RMS) Express and the Iridium GO.
I started using it earlier this year and was impressed with the speed. Unfortunately it stopped working around the middle of May and I have not been able to make it work again. It will connect to a CMS and even tell me there is a message and then disconnects without downloading the message. Battery is fully charged, sat status 5 out of 5.
I am in contact with the Yahoo users group, but no luck so far so I thought I'll ask around at Forums to see if anyone else is actually using it successfully.
Following is an example of a connection where there was a message waiting but did not download.
I am using Winlink Express v1.4.0.0 on a laptop with Windows 10.
I am connected to our Iridium GO, and I have no problems downloading weather info from PredictWind or emails from the Iridium website.

** --- Starting Iridium GO connection ---
*** Initializing the Iridium GO...
*** Requesting Iridium GO establish Internet connection. Satellite signal = 5/5
*** Waiting for Iridium GO to establish Internet connection...
*** Connecting to a CMS...
*** Connected to Wien at 2016/07/19 18:33:58
;PQ: 08003534
Wien CMS >
[RMS Express-$]
;PR: 24794755
FC EM WJC6M5JN8BCM 1254 827 0
F> 5D
*** Disconnected at 2016/07/19 18:34:11
*** Disconnecting Iridium GO.
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