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Soda Stream and/or storing soda/beer

Water/Provisions/Cooking/Health/Children/Home Schooling

Soda Stream and/or storing soda/beer

by jacaldwell1 » Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:54 pm

Two part question:

Anyone have experience with Sodastream for turning plain water into seltzer, soda, etc?
Cost savings as advertised?

Other than going that route, what success do you have in storing soda and beer in aluminum cans?

I find that once any liquid (like the bottom of the fridge or condensation in the bilge) touches the bottom of an aluminum can, corrosion sufficient to pierce the bottom of the can is only weeks away. And the thought of a Coke letting go and draining into some of the inaccessible parts of my bilge gives me the chills.
I don't drink sodas but like to have some on board for guests. I suppose one could address the soda issue by only buying plastic liter bottles.

Beer on the other hand is an essential beverage that I would like to avoid paying a premium in the Bahamas. It has occurred to me a) that I could store upside down on the stronger part of the can or b) wipe the bottom of each can with a bit of vegetable oil.

Thoughts? (I can hear the peanut gallery with their cute remarks, but this really is a question... :lol: )
s/v Calypso
Gulfstar 50 Aux Sail
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Re: Soda Stream and/or storing soda/beer

by Jon D » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:08 pm

jacaldwell1 wrote:Two part question:

Anyone have experience with Sodastream for turning plain water into seltzer, soda, etc?
Cost savings as advertised?

We have a sodastream and use it. I primarily make flavored seltzer with it but the ginger ale and tonic are OK to. Wife is a 'Coke" drinker and is not happy with the cola. Make sure you like the flavors before investing. We really like the no plastic waste.
Jon D
Jon D
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Re: Soda Stream and/or storing soda/beer

by Auspicious » Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:06 am

I've had pinholes form in aluminum cans just from vibration. All beer and soda cans are now kept in coolers to provide a cofferdam in case of leakage.

You might be interested in this review ... oda+stream on one of my favorite cooking sites.
S/V Auspicious

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Making Champagne from Sodastream Machine

by Burger Zapf » Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:34 am

On Halekai we have been using a Sodastream machine for years. Since I'm addicted to club soda we use it constantly. Watermaker water makes superb club soda. Some of the flavored concentrates taste pretty awful.

The large CO2 bottle lasts for probably 100 litres.

My wife Nancy recently invented champagne, using wine with the Soadastream machine. See her article in the August Bulletin. We now drink it all the time! Wait till the bubbles subside before decompressing so it doesn't foam over.

In New Zealand the threads for the refill bottles are standard industrial CO2, not the weird square thread like in the US.
I replaced all my bottles to the standard industrial CO2 thread in the hope of using an industrial gas refiller for more CO2 in future. They of course use only the standard industrial CO2 thread.

Australia stocks only the small CO2 refill bottles.

Happy carbonizing!!
sv Halekai, presently in Bali
Burger Zapf
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Re: Soda Stream and/or storing soda/beer

by Halekai » Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:46 pm

We've given up on storing aluminum cans in the bilge due to the corrosion problem. Not being big beer drinkers (we prefer champagne :P see above), we buy bottled beer now instead. Preferably Corona, as the label is printed directly on the bottle, no paper labels to come off and clog the bilge pump. Surprisingly we've never had a bottle break, nor do we hear them rolling around in the bilge, as their weight seems to hold them in place. The caps are prone to rust so we don't put them upside down. Not being big soda drinkers either (we prefer our homemade club soda), we store some cans of coke in dry areas, not in the bilge.
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Re: Soda Stream and/or storing soda/beer

by Matairea » Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:36 pm

We haven't tried the Soda Stream, but I can provide a few tips about storing soda and beer in cans and bottles. We are both Diet Coke addicts. Between the DC, tonic and ginger beer for mixers, and my husband's beer supply, we wind up with cases and cases of cans on board when we are doing a major reprovision. We tend to choose cans versus bottles to keep the weigh down (said weight savings being immediately offset by the vast number of wine bottles wedged into every conceivable remaining storage place aboard). We left Panama, NZ, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Africa loaded down with so many canned carbonated beverages you would think we were taking up the Aluminum export trade. Here are a few things I learned along the way:

    -When possible, buy cans with those six pack rings on them - it makes it easier to stack and store them, just be sure to cut up those rings before tossing
    -Keep the salt water off those aluminum cans. If they get salty getting them back to the boat wipe them off with a damp (freshwater) towel.
    -Store them in the bottom of a closet, stacked on top of each other, with stuff wedged around the sides of the stack to minimize movement. We never had a can in a closet let go (the same can not be said for cans stored below the waterline).
    -When storing in the bilge, first place in heavy duty plastic bags to protect them and to reduce the amount that they can move around; those zippered bags that new sheets and pillow cases come in work great.

When storing sodas or beers in glass bottles I wrap each bottle with a thin plastic grocery bag and then store 3 or 4 bottles in a Ziplock. Just the other day my husband was in a pretty inaccessible storage spot in the bow and he found some Mac's Ginger Beer that I'd stored like that when we left New Zealand many, many miles ago. Which seems like reason enough to mix up a Dark & Stormy.

s/v Mata'irea
Tayana 48
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Re: Soda Stream and/or storing soda/beer

by lisadermody » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:48 am

How to use Sodastream Properly?
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Re: Soda Stream and/or storing soda/beer

by Burger Zapf » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:49 pm

We make Club Soda all the time. Fill the bottle to the mark and pre cool.
Then 6 to 8 short bursts until the over pressure blows. Release the bottle pressure and do it again.
When making Champagne use less bursts and wait until the foam inside the bottle subsides, than slowly slowly release the pressure and quickly close the bottle up. Less carbonization makes smaller perls, its like "create your own Dom Perignon"
Burger Zapf
Posts: 116
Joined: Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:57 pm
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Vessel Name: Halekai
Vessel Make and Model: Alden 50 cc

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